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Artist Jason Philips

Jason H. Phillips

Jason Phillips art
Black Girl Magic

Detroit art
Detroit Artist
Ethnic art
African American art

" Current events and cultural movements inspire me to create most of my work. It is important that art documents modern culture, especially, from the perspective of ethnic minorities which sometimes is over looked by the mainstream. The awareness that comes from art can lead to a better society."

Jason H. Phillips is a painter, muralist and tattoo artist. Phillips creates art work that reflects the African American cultural experience. His art work chronicles the intersection of beauty and struggle.

He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wayne State University. Phillips is owner of the Detroit Ink Spot tattoo studio and Co-founder of the Black Tattoo Art & Music Expo.

Phillips’ work has been shown nationally in galleries and museums.  He has created 3 murals in the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Phillips' has illustrated 6 published books.

Including University of Michigan’s “Michigan Project on Oral Language, Writing, and Reading” project, which resulted in a series of books created to assist with language development for school age children.

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